Canal+ Launches Toy Collection to Distract Kids While Parents Watch ‘Versailles’

by Cate Lecuyer Marian  |  04.20.2017

It’s hard to ignore all the sexually explicit scenes that are becoming a staple of Canal+’s series Versailles—but that’s exactly what the French pay-TV channel is hoping kids will do thanks to its newly launched toy collection, "Versailles for kids."

The series traces the reign of Louis XIV, “the raunchy and unpredictable King of France.”

Advertising agency BETC describes the show as, “Drama … and sex. War … and sex. Romance and, guess what … sex. Ooh la la. So many sex scenes on primetime that a lot of people were shocked. And if adults were shocked, imagine the reaction of children who might be around?”

On that note, the company created 4,000 toys aimed at distracting young ones while their parents tune in to the 52-minute episodes each week. The collection includes items such as a puzzle, a board game, a king’s costume, a castle construction kit, and a “Versailles for kids: the game” mobile app.

A 500-piece puzzle is part of the the "Versailles for kids" toy collection. (Image by Cate Lecuyer Marian)
A 500-piece puzzle is part of the “Versailles for kids” toy collection. (Image by Cate Lecuyer Marian)

The “Versailles for kids” campaign has generated around 6 million media impressions in France, while the brand itself has reached more than 9 million people, with a 50 percent engagement, according to Canal+.

Season two, which premiered March 21, is “even steamier,” than the first.

“Thanks to “Versailles for Kids,” the king can keep on being his usual decadent self away from children’s eyes,” a marketing video (featured above) explains.


Client: Canal+

Agency: BETC Paris

Executive Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras

Creative Directors: Benjamin Le Breton, Arnaud Assouline

Art Director: Rayhaan Khodabux

Copywriter: Remi Campet

Ad Assistant: Jessy Kikabou

Strategic Planning: Guillaume Martin, Julien Lévèque

Traffic: Elodie Diana

Production: Kiblind Agency (Toys Production), Jean-Luc Chirio (Producer), Marion Brieux (Art Buying)

App Development: Lumini

BETC Lead Producer: Bao Tu-Ngoc

BETC Producer: Josselin Bondoin

BETC Management: Bertille Toledano, Guillaume Espinet, Alexis Delwasse, Marie Lequime

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